As your Facilities Managers and Common Area Managers, Property Matrix Limited provides professional management services that cover the full range of support services required by an organization. In modern management practice organizations have recognized the gains to be made through outsourcing non-core services and functions. In providing this range of services we simply take the strain out of running non-core services and thereby free client’s staff to concentrate on the performance and profitability of the core business.


Our objective in Facilities Management and Common Area Management in residential areas is to create significant efficiencies and cost-cuts without compromising on standards. This ultimately impacts positively on stakeholder value.


Property Matrix Limited team has a vast experience in the field of facilities management. The company has a computerized management system which assists in undertaking the related tasks in an organized and professional manner. The company has satellite offices located where facility management work is being handled and that improves turn-around time. Working in liaison with local contractors and other utility service providers from the different locations, the company is able to render timely efficient and reliable services. The contractors and utility service providers are part of the company’s data base that is updated regularly to ensure that the company gets quality and competitive pricing for services rendered.


Expert experience in common area management has relieved different unit owners in shared properties the agony of running the various services in residential areas and allowing them the comfort of being residents or just investors. The various facilities provided by the developers like swimming pools, gym, club house and community centres have been safeguarded for longevity.


Our distinctiveness in Facilities Management and Common Area Management includes:


Service Delivery: Property Matrix Limited has an industry-unique team of technical experts dedicated to the full-time pursuit of quality and best practices. Our Service Delivery team will provide the necessary guidance through the transition; carry out quality management reviews, systems development, field support and service.


Tendering: Property Matrix Limited operates a transparent tendering procedure for awarding contracts. A shortlist of reputable and proven contractors is maintained and when service or other contracts are required we call for quotations from at least three such contractors/service providers. In awarding such contracts we seek to create a balance between experience, expediency, service provision standard and cost effectiveness.


Strategic outsourcing: Our clients are able to enjoy significant savings and efficiencies through Property Matrix Limited strategic approach to outsourcing. At Property Matrix we leverage on long working relationships with contractors and service providers and negotiate rebated rates with service providers. Through this approach we have in the past enabled our clients to achieve savings of up to 30% on designated maintenance and repair costs.