This is the function that ensures that property investors relax and are able to reap the benefits associated with their investment in real estate. As a company we ensure that the investor gets value add in their investment. The Property Management Department is the business unit within the company that coordinates property management services. This department ensures that the properties that clients entrust to the company for management are handled expeditiously and effectively so as to deliver the highest possible return and benefit. The department is staffed with professionals registered by the regulatory body as Estate Agents, and professional Accountants and IT individuals with relevant training and skills.


The property management portfolio covers commercial, industrial and residential establishments that need to be maintained to higher standards to the benefit of the owners and occupants.


At Property Matrix we aspire/endeavour to provide Clients with professional management solutions that help properties operate smoothly, increase in desirability and enhance investment value. Each successful project has increased our presence in the marketplace, added to our expertise and firmly established our reputation.

Management Practice and Goal


At the onset we mutually agree on the goals and objectives of the management and capture this in writing by way of a contract. The contract spells out the parameters which define the goals and objectives between ourselves on one part and our Client on the other. In this case management terms and targets are set out within provisions of such governing structures as the relevant statutes and ethics set up by related professional bodies including the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya, Estate Agents Registration Board and Valuers Registration Board.


Our Client’s interests are further safeguarded and guaranteed by:-

  • The fees chargeable being regulated by the Estate Agents Act and are in any event agreed upon at inception of the proposed contract.
  • All other costs, be they repair, maintenance, disbursements etc. above a certain limit being authorized by the landlord/s and are further subjected to an independent audit every year, thereby giving the landlord opportunity to peruse such expenses and also have an independent opinion of their authenticity.
  • As professional property managers we maintain Standard Operating Procedures for all services at the premises for continuous monitoring and accountability.


We endeavor to be answerable to all stakeholders (owner, tenants and users alike) and seek to serve and balance all their requirements, optimizing satisfaction to all without compromising the interest of either party. This is what calls for clear interpretation of the property market and its prevailing but often changing trends.


As a full service real estate management company, we’ll handle your:

  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Financial needs.


We do it all seamlessly through a real time property management system.